Shady Part Of Me Review: Great Game – 9,5 Point

Shady Part Of Me Review

Shady Part Of Me Review begins with a silhouette of a little girl swinging, with lines describing her anxiety over everything, her growth and what’s going on around her.

Then suddenly, thorny bushes overflowed, and the driver ran away.

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And in that chase, the player realizes that the figure is really a shadow, as he runs from the floor to the wall, through meticulous and intelligent layout.

And that dramatic intro is just the beginning of a magical adventure of light and darkness.

Shady Part Of Me Review
Shady Part Of Me Review

SMALL BALLOT PICTURE (Shady Part Of Me Review)

After that impressive introduction, the player is transformed into another little girl, but this is not a silhouette, but a real little girl waking up from a lonely and dark room, reminds me of the opening game Little Nightmares ( with post-version Little Nightmares 2 coming February next year )

I woke up and muttered, feeling this life seemed to be a self-denial. 

I can’t talk to anyone, and the light scares me, I just like to stay in the dark because the darkness will protect me. 

She ran through dark corridors with haunting images of a child’s distorted and sad view of a world not for her.

And then you and my shadow met, as if those two lonely entities wanted to merge into one, and not. 

I spent so long in the dark, my shadow could no longer exist as a part of me, but the feelings and worries in the loneliness of both pulled these two “characters” together. each other, making them friends, even though the situation is contradictory.

The story of Shady Part Of Me is told through a gray environment filled with images and special beauty, the contrast between light and darkness, the innocence of children, as well as the anxiety of a world. gender doesn’t seem for me, a style reminiscent of Limbo or Inside , but no less creative and unique.

The story of the game is told through a gray environment but full of images and special beauty

Telling a character line with two such different entities creates very special conflicts and approaches to a storyline that is sometimes intense and explores heavy topics such as: abandoned, committing suicide or hurting himself , with distinct innocence and fears for both characters – different, but one.(Shady Part Of Me Review)

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And with the inspirational voice of Hannah Murray ( Game of Thrones , Skins ), the story of Shady Part Of Me is even more connected with the player.

The story of the game revolves around this little girl and the shadow that makes the writer immediately relate to another game with a similar theme, Ever Forward , but is much better told and guided.


Shady Part Of Me ‘s puzzles revolve around light and shadow, when you take turns making the little girl move in a 3D environment, while the shadow moves in a 2D environment that is the ceiling, wall or floor.

And the two work together to solve light-based puzzles , for example, the little girl moves objects to create new shadows, with the right size and position, the shadow itself. Children can also control the position of certain shadows, to adjust the position of the light source for the little girl to pass safely.

The most special feature of Shady Part Of Me is that the puzzles do not gradually become more complex, but they are always used to guide the translating story more interesting.

All puzzles are arranged with delicate paced and textured, intimately linked with the way the story is told. 

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When a girl and her shadow discover each other, puzzles enhance the two characters’ coordination and interaction, while when the characters spend time pondering and questioning, quizzes will longer, separate, and slower so the player can better connect with the character.

All puzzles are arranged with delicate paced and textured, intimately tied to the way stories are told.

That makes the puzzles always feel important and have an intimate sense of the player’s journey with certain characters, and as it goes on, new special mechanics will emerge (who will make the Shady Part Of Me ‘s plot even heavier!

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