Sakuna Of rice And Ruin reviews 8.5 points

Sakuna Of rice And Ruin

Sakuna Of rice And Ruin Since – Since ancient times, farming has always been a noble profession, associated with the value of human survival no matter how civilization develops.

However, people often imagine farming as one of the most miserable jobs in the world, waking up early, getting up early, and dirty hands …

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In order to give gamers a happy and friendly farming experience , the Harvest Moon (or Story of Seasons ) series and Rune Factory are all “shoddy” names ever since; with the core gameplay focused on cultivating, harvesting, and breeding … – jobs that turn out to be in the game are just as … “exhausting” as in real life (each and every one type).

However, the aforementioned games are mainly “Western-style farming”, with the processes being much streamlined and the more “strong” later on, thanks to the help of dwarves or advanced machines. . 

In order for players to have a more realistic experience with the art of “growing wet rice”, Edelweiss has created Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin – a game that can be said to be “uplifting the art” of the “good rice field”. “Culminated.

Having received quite a lot of positive reviews, then Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin with his unique deep plowing experience has conquered the player thanks to what?

Sakuna Of rice And Ruin reviews
Sakuna Of rice And Ruin


The plot in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is also quite “freakish”, when leading players into a world full of spirituality in ancient Japan.

Here, the world is divided into two main “realms”: divine and human. 

The story begins on a festival of crops, the day when both humans and gods have to offer rice tributes to the Great Goddess. 

The protagonist, Sakuna, is the son of the god of War and the goddess of crops, so it’s no wonder she’s incredibly cool, chubby, and disrespectful.

Some strange event caused a group of refugees to enter the realm of God, and in hunger they sneaked in to eat rice in Sakuna’s warehouse.

Both drunk, irritable, and panicked, Sakuna accidentally … burned the rice warehouse, made the Great Goddess rage, and sent her to Hinoe Island to suppress the demonic turmoil that had spontaneously proliferating recently. 

(Sakuna Of rice And Ruin)

Despite her reluctance, Sakuna still had to join the crowd of mortals who “wrapped the lozenges” on the demon island, and from here on her amazing journey began.

Sakuna Of rice And Ruin
Sakuna Of rice And Ruin

Basically, in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, the player grows only one thing, which is … wet rice.

However, do not look down on it in a hurry, because the game introduces the actual rice growing process from real life into the game, “copy the original”. 

From a pinch of rice seeds “for capital” initially, the player has to wait for the germination time, then sow the seed – sowing too close is also bad, but too far is not good, then have to drain the water into the field – keep the water level just enough. 

While waiting for the rice to bloom, on the field, we have to watch, pull weeds, take care of fertilizer (yes, it’s original manure).

The moment when the golden rice flowers in the field outside bring joy , also brings a series of troubles that follow: from harvesting, drying, plucking rice, pounding rice husks, cultivating seeds … the player will go through a perfect process to get clear, round fragrant white rice grains on your table.

Indeed, just playing through a season in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin , players will have a profound experience of her grandparents’ struggles when farming for a long time to get fragrant rice seeds.

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But if that’s all, it turns out Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is a game called ” Farming Simulator ver 2020″?

Remember that Sakuna’s main mission when coming to this Hinoe island is to eliminate love and grow rice to solve the immediate survival problem. 

The fighting mechanism of Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is the horizontal perspective “go scene” , with a few elements of climbing and jumping .

Players will alternate between basic attacks and hard hits to destroy enemies.

Not only “expanding” the richness of the gameplay, the developer also adds depth to this richness by including the unique characteristics of each character , as well as introducing special elements for Each character skill each time the player upgrades them to a certain level.

This allows a stance on one player’s character when cast to be completely different from another player’s character move, depending on their preference.

Remember that Sakuna’s main mission when coming to this Hinoe island is to eliminate love and grow rice to solve immediate survival problems.

The skills will be unlocked gradually during the game. 

The number of skills in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is not too much, but most of them are very useful for specific situations, for example in air or against heavily armored enemies.(Sakuna Of rice And Ruin Since)

Sakuna’s magic bandana is also a powerful tool for her to jump high, change directions in midair or tie up enemies, creating beautiful and “hands-on” combos!

Two elements “cultivating” and “fighting” in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin can be compared to two sides of a coin, they are closely linked and support each other in a smooth and delicate way.

Specifically, the quality of the rice and the meals will determine Sakuna’s strength, while the fact that Sakuna is strong enough to destroy the types of monsters determines what kind of extra ingredients she can gather to cook and build construction and cooking. 

Sakuna Of rice And Ruin

UNIQUE GRAPHICS, QUALITY! (Sakuna Of rice And Ruin Since)

Referring to Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin , ignoring the excellent graphics of the game is a huge shortcoming, like eating beef pho without a price tag.

Up until now, Edelweiss has made a pretty good impression on players thanks to its pretty solid graphics (for example in Astebreed ), but it is clear that with Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin , the company has raised everything to a level. other sizes.

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is set in ancient Japan , but not exactly exactly, but the game interwoven with its own magical traits or breakthroughs.

So although the costumes, character designs or architecture, and houses in the game look quite comfortable and familiar, it still has some interesting highlights to create its very own character.

Shaping the characters in the game, specifically the “brother-and-sister association” with the mortal people accompanying Sakuna, at first glance it feels rather “sinking”, if not trivial. 

However, through the way of leading the storyline and the lines that reveal each person’s memories, we feel that those designs are very suitable for them, whether from facial expressions, hair to ears. clothes, items on the body.

Although the outfits, character creation or architecture, the houses in the game look quite comfortable and familiar, it still has some interesting highlights to create its very own character.

Sakuna herself is originally a child goddess that is overly pampered, so whether she wears a divine dress or a farm dress, she still exudes a characteristic witty, unpleasant look. . 

However, the deeper you play the game, the more you understand the difference between the two “realms” and what Sakuna has to go through with the mortals, the easier it is for players to sympathize and love her.

In terms of environmental landscape, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin divided Hinoe island into large “arrays” with distinct topographical characteristics: coastal areas, forest edges, rocky areas, swamp areas … In which, Each area is divided into small areas, although using the same type of scenery and environment, they all have completely different designs and textures.

And in general, the screens in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin are carefully cared for in terms of materials, lighting or small details.


Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin will be an excellent game, enough to match the other AAA titles, if not for some annoying details – small but quite easy to see.

First to mention the fighting mechanics of the game, although it is done quite well, there are some “awkward” places that are difficult to understand. 

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This can be expressed by saying that between attacks, or when changing targets, the game appears “hiccups” that are very light, but enough to make the “high” feeling of the player “hiccup”. .

Next, is how the game “scout” for players. 

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is a pretty big game with many interlocking mechanics, creating considerable depth.

But how the game introduces features, or explains how things work is very “dripping” and shy.

This makes those who play in a hurry and quickly … will soon be “stalled” by … being ahead of their time, playing to places where the game has not been explained to!

In addition, AI (artificial intelligence) in the game is also a big problem. 

The enemies in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin often appear in large numbers and varieties, but their behavior, as well as the variation in their fighting style, are very … poor!

Many times the writer encountered the scene where the enemy was only standing a small stream away from Sakuna, but instead of jumping over to attack, they just stood there “screaming” mechanically! 

Finally, it is the interface design of Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin which is somewhat poorly thoughtful, “less sharp” compared to the overall graphics and the world is too beautiful. (Sakuna Of rice And Ruin Since)

Indicators and tasks outside of each area are displayed “idle” in the background, there are no frames or borders to link them, and sometimes the font gives a “old Japanese” feel. In the game it also feels a bit difficult to read, especially when the word is next to the number.

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