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The Innsmouth Case Review

The Innsmouth Case Review: How much do you know about the ocean? This salty liquid made up of H2 and O2 makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface and 90% of the Earth’s biosphere, and even the most prominent scientists have discovered more than 5% of them.

So what about the “non-scientist”? The ocean is almost an endless source of inspiration for works from the era when people held bricks against each other, until each person held their smartphones to watch ancient people holding bricks against each other.

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The authors who write about the sea since then also keep the list as their own works like Ernest Hemingway, Herman Melville, Rafael Sabatini, Patrick O’Brian …

And of course, when we talk about the ocean, how can we forget the “sea monster boss” HP Lovecraft with his famous work “The Call of Cthulhu”.

Bringing the spirit of the late HP Lovecraft writer The Innsmouth Case can help fans satisfy their thirst for “lovecraftian”?

The Innsmouth Case Review


Made in the style of visual novels (visual novels), The Innsmouth Case requires you to absorb a huge amount of text and have to stretch your brain to choose the appropriate episode for your best friend.

There is a reason to choose carefully because the game does not allow you to re-choose (until the end of the game) so your adventure will be guided “arbitrarily”.

But if you make a wrong choice, it doesn’t matter because according to the producer, you have … 27 times to re-choose the ending, and depending on your perspective, the ending will be beautiful or bad.

As for the writer’s choices, the game’s beginning is quite normal and has a bit of a resemblance to the 20’s detective movies. 

As an anonymous detective, you are preparing to leave after the end of a hard day, at which point the office door comes with a knock on the door. A young girl appears and asks you for help in a “cold case” case involving her daughter’s mysterious disappearance.

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After a few short conversations about… Yo-yo, you also accept to help “mother of the year” and go on an adventure to a fishing village called Innsmouth in search of the missing girl.

The Innsmouth Case  forces you to absorb a huge amount of text and stretch your brain to choose the right episode for your best friend.

However, when you come to Innsmouth, you realize that this case is not “easy to eat” as you think. Frizzy villagers, hotels change their names once a day, bizarre noises at night and horror legends of the sea torture you in every dream. The deeper you go into the mysteries, the harder it will be for you to find a way out, it is annoying when uneasy feelings surround.

Despite the same context, but each time the game is played, the writer experiences a different story. Sometimes the investigation turns into the ideal of a new cult and if you do not approve it will be burned on a stake by a religious madman, then it is an experience of death (and character of the writer who died in real sleep) …

The choices will deeply affect the plot, finding the missing girl from there also becomes far away from her purpose, what is the last thing you want? Save a monster or save yourself? Are you a monster, or are the people you call humans humans?

The Innsmouth Case Review


If you are not a nerd the game is quite short, only about 4 hours for you to finish a part of the story, and then if there is bitterness, it could be to open 2 to 3 more endings depending on your choice. choose.

The writer is completely satisfied with the length of the game, you can consider this a collection of short stories by topic, but the problem is the advertisement of the game.

“This is a humorous game”, the producer emphasized this and of course you can easily guess it through the illustrations in the game.

But the problem here is… the game is not funny at all! 

It can be said that The Innsmouth Case is the most serious game that the writer has ever played, from the sentence, the narrative, the way to solve the problem of the detective … Sometimes that’s why the illustrative scenes make the depth of The game is reduced, making The Innsmouth Case become suspended and less serious even though the core of the game is not.

“This is a humorous game”, the producer emphasized this … the problem here is … the game is not at all funny!

Having too many plot lines is also a point unless the quality of some stories becomes blunt, lacks emphasis and emotion, and reduces the player’s curiosity and exploration of the stories. rest.

The Innsmouth Case Review

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