Doom Eternal Metacritic: There are rare phenomena like Doom

Doom Eternal Metacritic

Doom Eternal Metacritic: There are rare phenomena like Doom. This is a perfect reboot as the team at id Software fully understands why the first Doom titlesbecame immortal, and brought it into a new era while still retaining the very soul of ” Doom “.

However, although I like Doom (2016) very much, there is always a sense that something is missing about it, a sense that id Software team has come very close to perfection, but something has yet to come.

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And Doom Eternal was announced, with a series of new features that made fans of the “classic” series a bit nervous, but filled the writer with hope, because the added features pushed Doom. Eternal to even higher heights, where this long-standing FPS series deserves?


Again, no need to be wordy, Doom Eternal “throws” the player – continues to play Doom Slayer, in the middle of hell, revolts the player’s morale and reminds the player: this is Doom !

And after “training” again, Doom Eternal began to introduce to players a series of new mechanics that make the game’s frenzy more fun than ever!

First off, most of Doom’s (2016) native features will appear almost from the start to players.

Doom Slayer guy will always gallop like a shot on the battlefield, not slow down for anything.

Accuracy while moving and firing remains unchanged. 

He can double-jump, destroy weakened foes with a satisfying short animation, and now he can even dash a quick dash …

Wait… surf ?

Exactly that, Doom Eternal now adds new movement mechanisms that make Doom Slayer more and more flexible on the battlefield, making it easier for players to breathe when faced with too many enemies firing from all directions – specifically is surfing, wall clinging and swinging.

The wall-clinging mechanism only appears in the “platforming” segment, while surfing and swings become a vital part of combat, especially with the “arena” design like Doom , as well as opening the row. A variety of new movement opportunities allow players to uncover the secrets of each level in a less boring way.

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Players will desperately need those new mechanics, as the enemies in Doom Eternal are morecrowded, dense and dangerous than ever.

From very early (even from the first level!), Players were placed in arenas full of dangerous “meat”, demanding proficiency in gameplay “close” and “turn around. “In the 2016 version to new heights, for example: Mancubus, the Cacodemons are spitting and… wait… Pain Elemental? Arachnotron ???

Doom Eternal now adds new movement mechanisms that make Doom Slayer increasingly flexible on the battlefield

THE DEVIL (Doom Eternal Metacritic)

That’s right! 

The dangerous foes throughout the series are back. 

Pinky, Mancubus, Cacodemon … from the 2016 version still appear and beneficial as before, but new enemies are the brightest point of Doom Eternal .

From “familiar faces” such as Arachnotron, Pain Elemental, Specter, Arch-Vile … remade to fit with Doom Eternal ‘s crazy gameplay loop , to completely new dangerous faces like Dread Knight , Doom Hunter, Blood Makyr… and of course the nightmare of many newbie (FPS rookie): Marauder.

Since most of the demons from the 2016 version have barely changed, these new faces are at the heart of Doom Eternal , their presence will require intense concentration. from the player.

Players will be forced to play around them, enter battle or retreat properly because of their extremely obvious effect on the battlefield. 

For example, a single Doom Hunter will cause the player to “die instantly” if you let it out of sight, because the skill set does a lot of damage to them, and you will be difficult to focus entirely on. they because the “buffalo” and the sporadic monsters around will kill you easily if you spend too much time handling a Doom Hunter (and beware, the number of Doom Hunters in a single encounter is mostly is greater than 1 there – NV).

Doom Eternal now adds new movement mechanisms that make Doom Slayer increasingly flexible on the battlefield

Not only is the Doom Hunter so dangerous, there is also an Arch-Vile with the ability to summon power-boosted demons, Whiplash moving at breakneck speed, Pain Elemental who spit out Lost Soul. , and of course, friend Marauder – FPS rookie nightmare, requires players to approach in a very specific way, or else you will have to start over with just one mistake.

And even previous bosses like Cyber ​​Demon will come back as…. freak!

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In general, Doom Eternal ‘s difficulty has been raised a lot because the number of monsters is larger, more diverse and covers the battlefield, although most of these monsters have a weak point for players to take advantage of. disable use, for example Arachnotron’s lasser gun, or two large flamethrowers in Mancubus’ hand….

The enemies in Doom Eternal will really become a real challenge for every FPS player.

However, don’t worry!


Not only are the enemies in the game upgraded so fiercely, our Doom Slayer friend also has no shortage of tricks available in hand to handle them!

As mentioned above, the new movement mechanics will help the player a lot, but changes to the weapons and new features of the Praetor armor are the focus.

As old, most weapons in Doom Eternal will have two sub-firing modes (except for BFG and Super Shotgun, of course), allowing players to quickly change them with the click of a button, and upgrade with weapon points. enter during play.(Doom Eternal Metacritic)

Once you have upgraded enough certain sub-shooting modes, the game will require the player to complete a specific task with that mode, thereby unlocking the “real” power of the gas, making the the combat customization as well as the replay value of the game is higher.

Doom Eternal Metacritic

These changes are still largely loyal to Doom (2016), such as scopes and rockets for Heavy Assault Rifle, but the new changes are very … interesting, such as Shotgun machine gun, Plasma Rifle blood-draining of * everyone * the enemy to death….

For the rest of the weapons, the most interesting change to them might be the Super Shotgun’s Meat Hook, which helps pull…. the player approaches the enemy and unleashes a destructive Super Shotgun shot!

Not only that, the grenade mechanism has also been improved, when now players can throw bombs … ice, freeze enemies to be able to easily deal with enemies who are always moving at breakneck speed.

The rest of the game’s focus is on the Doom Slayer’s features.

Doom Eternal now adds new movement mechanisms that make Doom Slayer increasingly flexible on the battlefield


What players should know is that the Glory Kill mechanism to pick up bullets and blood in Doomhas been significantly changed.

Now, Glory Kill is only used to pick up blood, and is armor with bullets? 


Ammo now only drops when knocking down an enemy with a chainsaw, and armor drops when the enemy is burned with the Flame Belch – a flamethrower mounted on the Doom Slayer’s shoulder. 

These features further motivate players to approach and approach enemies, requiring players not only to make quick decisions, but also to master the battlefield to be able to make quick and accurate decisions. 

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For example, Flame Belch will be used for more buffalo monsters to optimize the armor, or carefully select the target so that you can use a chainsaw / Glory Kill whenever you get stuck. 

These features further motivate players to approach and approach enemies, requiring players not only to make quick decisions, but also to master the battlefield …

Not only that, normal melee attacks have now become much weaker, but players can completely “turn” them up into a destructive punch with Blood Punch mechanism.

These immediate and very in-depth choices make Doom Eternal ‘s gameplay loop much more appealing, making the moments of player approaching death and then regaining glory become regular and gay. need more!

Doom Eternal Metacritic


Doom Eternal brings players to more than just UAC’s Mars base and some hellish levels like Doom(2016).

From snow-capped castles, an ancient evil city on Mars, to a devastated Earth by demons … all of these locations look overwhelming, with loads of interesting details. Extra points for Doom’s plot, for the eternal war between Night Sentinels and Hell. 

However, the arrangement of items and certain elements such as the falling ammunition of the game seem too… like the game, so the incarnation element is somewhat lost.

Referring to the other war, Doom Eternal has seriously approached his plot, although the story itself is somewhat blurred, but the number of “fan-service” and the content that builds the world of the game is a lot and Very enjoyable transmission!

Add a layer of context to the game instead of endless shooting.

Doom Eternal has seriously approached his plot, even though the story itself is somewhat blurred

(Doom Eternal Metacritic)

Remember the secrets above? 

Now they can help players unlock weapon skins and skins for Doom Slayer, even not just in multiplayer, but even in single player and cutscenes!

Writer’s favorite outfit for Doom Slayer is the Marauder armor!

And mentioning Doom Eternal without mentioning Mick Gordon’s music is flawed!

There are frantic and heroic Metal versions again, I have nothing else to comment on Doom Eternal ‘s soundtrack !(Doom Eternal Metacritic)

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