Journey To Savage Planet Review Game

Journey To Savage Planet Review Game

Journey To Savage Planet Review Game: Journey To The Savage Planet  – First revealed at  The Game Awards 2018 ,  Journey To The Savage Planet  easily captures the attention of players through simple graphics, colorful tones, but most of all, the approach witty, humorous, with action gameplay trailers (first person).

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Wait, colorful tones, bizarre creatures, dangerous planets, etc. aren’t we seeing… what year is No Man’s Sky ?!

And the witty, funny “smell” familiar of the famous Borderlands game series here?

So in the end, what does Journey To The Savage Planet bring to players?


In the very first minutes of the journey, Journey To The Savage Planet welcomes players with a “hilarious” atmosphere: from the selection of characters who are unlike anyone to the short “backpackers” about The importance of the player’s journey to explore new lands!

So the “scarf” player joins the reluctant adventure, lacks materials and knows nothing about the destination!

Overall, Journey To The Savage possesses gameplay that can be described: “Metroidvaina” three-dimensional version.

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Different from the titles that also have “Metrovania” quality but difficult like Ori and the Will of the Wisps , Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order , … Journey To The Savage Planet possesses a “peaceful” approach to surpassing performances. Light terrain, not too puzzling for players, scattered around are friendly creatures, rarely attacking “haphazardly”.

Combined with eye-catching color tones, the game has succeeded in building a friendly and fancy environment to arouse the curiosity and discovery of players.

At the same time, the areas that require you to fight are also very well equipped with a series of throwing objects, the trees that help the character heal are spread around.

Moreover, the highlight of this gameplay is best shown through boss battles, with an infinite gun in hand, your only job is to “erode” the enemy’s blood bar by shooting at the balls. Yellow water shadows on them, and the good news is: almost every boss has this feature!

Journey To Savage Planet Review

The bosses’ attacks often attack according to a certain motif, but also not easy or dangerous to the point of causing discomfort for the player.

With a scanner equipped from the beginning of the game, you can use this device to find information about trees, creatures or even ruins here.

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Although not too detailed, the information disclosed at times also reveals extremely useful content such as the weaknesses of an organism, the effects of certain items. More specifically, everything was revealed as… a joke!

Accompanying the player, there is an EKO “virtual assistant” hand, every few seconds releases a certain pale joke (just like the “many stories” Claptrap of the Borderlands game series ), even joking after the phase processing not much “wisdom” of you is also … a joke.

In general, the aforementioned amusing phases are integrated throughout the game by the developer, making the game look like a short sitcom set, contributing to the fun in your journey.

But if that “entertainment” is still not enough, Journey To The Savage also owns a party mode (Co-op) that allows adding a character to “mess” with you.

The bosses’ attacks usually attack according to a certain motif, but are not easy or dangerous to the point of being annoying for the player.


In general, Journey To The Savage has an open world wide enough for players to explore, but with a blurred design and a series of “straightforward” missions, the game can hardly hold the player. “Explore” to continue the unfinished things …

First of all, different from the colorful colors that the game brings, each of the following areas only changes a few plants, or also the bird with that “cu-te” shape but changes color and name for each. In different areas, they sometimes get angry and attack you in some other levels. 

In general, each land afterward has the same characteristics as the previous areas, when becoming familiar, the writer no longer feels “salty” with the journey or scenery ahead.

The mission in the game is designed in a rather “linear” direction, all activities assigned to the player are guided enthusiastically through an arrow on the map, which can be roughly likened to “an arrow. get lost all day running on Google Map ”, so you just need to plug your head and go there!

The quests mentioned here simply require the player to enter an area or interact with an object, followed by a small cutscene and… ending the mission.

Just like that, a new request pops up and continues to ask you to move gradually to undiscovered areas and repeat the activities .

Journey To The Savage quest circuit leads you through from this area to a “strange” place, making the adventure more and more confusing but not at all interesting!

The mission in the game is designed in a rather “linear” direction, all activities assigned to the player are guided enthusiastically through an arrow on the map.

Journey To Savage Planet Review


Journey To The Savage Planet is a combination of a ton of elements required in an action role-playing game, such as equipment crafting, open world or even “plowing” to upgrade equipment.

However, the above features are built quite superficially, lack of depth, even make the game “too easy” necessary, making you gradually depressed later …

The player will have some basic upgrades for the gun such as increasing ammo, loading speed or damage, increasing the two-step jump into three steps or increasing the amount of throwing objects you can hold, in fact the additions mentioned above are only are minor improvements and do not bring too much benefit to the character.

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The upgrade system has quite a few prominent options, but the amount of ingredients needed becomes quite “expensive” later on. 

However, the “plowing” of materials in Journey To The Savage Planet is not very attractive, it only revolves around running for minerals, killing monsters or “fattening” them!

Platforming screens are not too special, simply require you to jump from one point to another, if you accidentally slip your foot into the abyss, the game will always bring the character back to the previous point. .

In addition, a pretty good mechanism – swinging, also leads to a more “melancholy” experience, when your only thing is to press the F key to stick to the plane, then the game will orientate itself. Go for the character without spending some “brain” to think!

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