Hitman 3 Review Game

Hitman 3 Review Game:

Hitman 3 Review Game: Hitman 3 – So it came true. The Hitman series’ World of Assassination trilogy has finally come to an end – something fans, including the writer, thought would be unlikely to come true, especially after the split between Square Enix and IO Interactive in 2017 as well as the sales of Hitman 2 .

But, like the codename 47, the name “Hitman” will only cease to exist once no more voice mentions it. 

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However, the path that Hitman 3 chose to get here is not smooth, as there is still confusion around the exclusive Epic Store and the integration process of the previous two parts in Hitman 3.Not worth the mess like the drama Son Tung. And so again, Hitman proved that a near-great game can still be held back by things that have nothing to do with it directly.

Hitman 3 Review Game


Continuing the story with the old Earth rhythms and characters fully “carried” by the voice acting, Hitman 3 pushes 47 again into personal situations for him and his partner Diana Burnwood. The last time “Hitman” went with “personal”, what we received was the stale rice cooker called Absolution. But this time, the story of Hitman 3 takes a shortcut by mimicking an all too familiar twist in Hitman Blood Money .

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The story of Hitman 3 in particular and World of Assassination in general can be shortened into the phrases “not offensive”, “David Bateson should be a comedian”, and “an attempt to parody 007 that is okay without makes people want to remove their eyes from their skulls ”. Perhaps that is better, I just hope that IOI do not use it to flatter what they are doing with the content of Project 007 .

But, seriously, we’re not here to talk about the story of 47. He is a memorable character not by introspection but thanks to David’s sarcastic appearance and voice acting. Bateson. We come to Hitman to punish the 1% elements of humanity and laugh at how they eat a .338 bullet hole on their forehead and fall from the 18th floor of a tall building into the trash below. Hitman 3 has no shortage of moments like that, and it will make sure you want to go back repeatedly to find out what assassination is right for your filth.

Basically, the foundation of Hitman 3 is no different from the previous two installments. The improvement in the World of Assassination versions is not in the number of new features, but it is shown through small details that make the flow of the game flow more smooth, natural and deeper. The game has enough obstacles, hiding places or body lockers so that players always have the opportunity to improvise and never get caught in situations where they cannot escape. Objects are arranged in a more logical way, every corner no matter how narrow can sometimes be useful, and unlocked elements in the level (like shortcuts) and off-screen (objects items received when leveling up to Mastery) creates an invisible rope that pulls you back to Hitman ‘s loop : search – destroy – escape.

(For some reason 47 now has a magic camera that can hack electronics).

To reach your goal, you have options to approach the game screen the way you want and the game always recognizes that choice. 

Disguising to gain access to restricted areas is the most common method, but then you will have to overcome obstacles that require the corresponding item: the door lock requires a key / Lockpick or a crowbar, a pipe stop Ventilation can only be removed by screwdrivers, a wrench is required to activate certain machines. The search for these objects inadvertently motivates players to explore every corner of the game as much as possible, remember their position in the next game and combine with “unusual” paths. such as plumbing, swinging … to optimize the time to complete the game.

It is this versatile device design that separates the three parts of modern Hitman games from most other secret action games, when stooping and sneaking behind NPC is just a simple gameplay, not. is the most effective way to complete the level. This also makes each screen in World of Assassination and Hitman 3 become the extra enemy that the player needs to conquer.(Hitman 3 Review Game)

Hitman 3 Review Game

Compared to the magnificence of Paris in the first season and the stuffy atmosphere of the Miami racetrack in season two, Hitman 3 ‘s Dubai looks a lot less sharp. Mission “On Top of the World” in Dubai first impresses with the scene 47 steps up from the majestic pillar of Burj Al-Ghazali skyscraper surrounded by dozens of glass doors with embossed gilded surfaces. . But when you step inside where the tower’s inauguration is taking place, you will quickly realize that the NPC density here cannot compare with the choking hustle at the Sanguine runway in Paris.

But, Dubai really impressed me from the third play onwards, when it showed off the swaying architecture that made you zigzag continuously between the two top floors. It doesn’t put too many obstacles in its path, and except in Mission Stories, there aren’t too many ways to manipulate two targets out of the course. Dubai is basically predictable and easy to remember, suits the Suit Only style, and is an opening game for real newbies.

In addition, the mission The Asmodeus Waltz of the Escalation game also reinforces the gameplay of Dubai’s “fast moving, lightning attack”. If you own the Deluxe version then be sure to try The Asmodeus Waltz, who writes that this is the best Escalation mission in the entire Hitman 3and shows the design that supports Dubai’s agile gameplay, is typically shown at level 3 when the game requires taking down targets with SMGs and not changing skins. Besides, if you’re a huge fan of “Dance With The Devil” in Blood Money , this Escalation will have a pretty cool cameo for you!

Hitman 3 Review Game

Dartmoor delivers a rather messy aftertaste. Revolving around the murder of a noble family in England, the quaint Thornbridge mansion is heavily inspired by the works of Agatha Christie and of course, the Beldingford mansion in Hitman: Contracts . Of course, the murder (which 47 can break!) In Dartmoor is more satirical and comical than Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, and the way the game connects the solution to lead to the chance of execution. Alexa Carlisle’s goal is skillfully executed, as you can use the killer hand to slay her.

However, the writer’s impression of Dartmoor dropped significantly in subsequent games. Part of that is because the stage structure is quite simple with only the mansion in the center, the greenhouse and the back garden and the tomb nearby. Second, it is clear that this game screen is built around the murder case as well as Mission Story about the fake death of Alexa, so the approach to the game screen as well as the methods of assassination is quite one-way, just stop. in luring Alexa out or setting traps on her.

It is quite an odd thing that similar to Chongqing, besides assassinating Alexa, Dartmoor has a sub-request to get papers containing information about the villain The Constant. But Chongqing only needs you to fulfill its side-requirement (hacking the data core in the R&D area) the first time you play, and in Dartmoor you have to always get this paperwork every time you play, which is pretty easy to do and can do. put in just to excessively prolong playtime. Dartmoor is a thrilling game of wind change, but I believe adding an assassination target alongside another small neighborhood – like Whittleton Creak, will make it a much more replayable value.

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Even so, Dartmoor can still be considered as the most artistic perfect work from IOI. Glossy wooden corridors reflect oil paintings on the wall, and large rooms with meticulous motifs serve as screens for secret spy rooms on the other side. It was in stark contrast to the gray sky and arid void outside the vast expanses of land that it was difficult to see any other signs of life around. This is not the first time that Hitman has left its crowds to spill blood in an isolated place, but that quality is actually best expressed in Dartmoor.

Hitman 3 Review Game

Fortunately, the remaining three missions of Hitman 3 are ranked A.

Berlin has an old premise but is made unique: 47 and another character pursued by the ICA, the player must kill the agents who are mixing at a Berlin club to “send a little message. “To the ICA. Not only did it swing the flexible “prey to hunter” motif, but it also fixed the big problem in Hitman 2 ‘s Mumbai scene .

In Mumbai, you have to manually identify a target known only as The Maelstrom, the game will randomly select a number of NPCs for you to ID one by one and then find him, making the first Mumbai plays very wasted time in vain and repeated quite a lot. But the next game is too easy because the player can plan where he will go, because he only changes his appearance, but the path does not change. (Hitman 3 Review Game)

Berlin reversed this motif by giving players up to 10 targets, but in return the process of identifying them was much easier, partly because Berlin was not as large and densely populated as Mumbai, in part because targets with unique paths or features (escorted by soldiers, or ordered by other NPCs) make it easy to locate them without having to get close. Each knocked down will drop the headset to help you identify the next target. When killing 5 targets, the rest will flee and consider 47 successfully completed the mission.

This game also owns two very unique “sub societies” with a tumultuous discotheque built inside … a nuclear reactor, next to the hideout of the Ragnarok Disciples gang. It is the dusty level in the entire World of Assassination and carries the “hunter-prey” spirit of the four most classic Hitmangames .

Berlin’s cons? Except for the praise of a companion NPC, the game does not recognize or unlock any hidden challenges if you defeat all 10 targets – which takes a lot of time and is also very “sweet”. Also, for some reason, the game marks all of the targets on the second game onwards, even though you haven’t identified them all the first time.

Chongqing “packs” the two things people remember most about the Hitman Absolution black sheep : pouring rain, and the “funny” disbelief in the content – one of the two targets being a hacker terrorist. perform human control experiments.

Chongqing is another Sapienza remix : the neighborhood is a springboard and a bridge to the two indoor blocks that have very little connection except a few shortcuts. Hush’s upper slum is crammed, damp, with floors that look like an underground hospital, while Imogen Royce’s underground R&D facility looks like a Blofield’s den with layers of security and maximum security. . The vast terrain difference between the two fortresses made it much more interesting to find the shortest path leading to the two targets.

The improvement in the World of Assassination versions is not in the number of new features, but it is shown through small details that help smooth the flow of the game.

Hitman 3 ‘s final mainstream game located in Mendoza, Argentina is another “throwback” to the very beginning of Hitman Blood Money , when revolving around a luxurious vineyard that does not leave the look of A Vintage Year. It is also a medium-scale game with an uncomplicated design divided into three zones: a party at the vineyard, a mansion, and a small hilly area that is strictly controlled by the guards. It has a very unique “blood-spitting” Mission Story, and ending Mendoza is also one of the few moments of incorporating content into the most ingenious gameplay in Hitman 3 .

Finally, the 6th level of Hitman 3 and also marks the end of World of Assassination is a train train between the Carpathian mountains in Romania. But in fact, it is not a complete game screen, but just the end designed to close the story and let the player finish the game as soon as possible. It still has a certain degree of meticulousness, but overall, the train is completely linear and the player’s goal is just to go from the end point to the beginning, making it not worth playing again. .


For William Wymark Jacobs, the paradox of wish is a fantasy product described as a “monkey hand” – wishing for something and getting what you want, with the price you pay when you dare. get in the middle of fate. For Hitman fans , the “monkey hand” is an ironic joke that makes us think that IOI is operated by a bunch of orangutans.

When Square Enix abandoned IOI, we hoped the studio would gain the right to make an independent Hitman game and give up on the nonsense streak that exists only under a large corporation. Result? IOI is running independently, but Hitman 3 still uses Denuvo and still requires 100% network connectivity – things fans have been reflecting on for the past five years.

We hope that after Hitman 2 , IO will spend some time fixing the offline mode. Result? Hitman 3 is still a 55 GB piece of scrap when there is no internet connection. You can still only play, with the remaining 80% of the game – Challenge, item unlocking, Escalation, end-of-screen rating, Mastery or in other words about 80% of Hitman 3 ‘s “skeleton” , they’re still Freeze in offline mode.

Hitman 3 Review Game

Hitman 3 is still a 55 GB piece of scrap when there is no internet connection

We hope that Hitman 3 will bring new upgrades to the previous two parts, just like Hitman 2 has quite a few lines of the screen in Hitman 2016 . Result? The game is exclusive to Epic Games Store and IOI has not finished the process of verifying the ownership of the previous two games on Steam.

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I spent $ 140 and over 100 hours on Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 , it’s been a month since Hitman 3launched and I still can’t play 14 original maps in the latest version, wear for IOI’s promise that this issue will be dealt with as soon as possible. The company says that anyone who buys Hitman 3 on the first 10 days after launch will get Hitman GOTY for free – but those who already have the game on Steam but don’t get Hitman GOTY for free on Epic and don’t want to buy Hitman 3 from how soon? Simply put, they lose their right to play the levels of Hitman 2016 in Hitman 3thanks to the back stab, which deserves IOI’s Silent Assassin rating. Well, that’s how IOI responded to Hitman fans over the past 5 years.

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