Bravely Default 2 Review game

Bravely Default 2 Review

Bravely Default 2 – Until now, when it comes to the Japanese role-playing game (J-RPG) genre, it is difficult for a brand name to surpass Square Enix – whether in terms of quantity, quality or seniority.

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As a long-standing game company “specialized in” J-RPG, it is not surprising that Square Enix owns a lot of “super huge” J-RPG game franchises like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest …

Although recently, Square Enix has shown signs of “falling down without braking” with the “spray bomb” Final Fantasy XV, as well as carrying the reputation of “not making a new game, but only remake old games to go milking”. But there is no denying that “dead camels are still bigger than horses”, after all, Square Enix still owns a pool of talented staff, along with a huge “fortune of knowledge” accumulated over decades.

In recent years, Square Enix seems to be rediscovering itself, continuously investing in “retro” J-RPG games, built from original values.

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And this formula seems quite successful when with “small but martial” titles like Octopath Traveler or Bravely Default, Square Enix quickly proves that no one can surpass them in terms of making J-RPGs. .

Referring to Bravely Default, after two versions on the classic Nintendo 3DS, fans of this particular series are still anxiously waiting for a better, more beautiful version, to be released on a platform ” sida ”over – and once again, the Nintendo and Square Enix” golden duet “have responded to this desire with game – released on the Nintendo Switch on February 26, 2021.

Capital has received a lot of mixed opinions since the launch of the demo version from the end of 2020, and Square Enix’s suite is very marketable when it quickly repaired and saved many valuable contributions from people. Bravely Default 2 officially has clearly conquered more sympathies from the devout world in particular and the demanding gaming community in general.

So, can Bravely Default 2 continue to write the epic epic for Square Enix?

Bravely Default 2 Review


Basically, Bravely Default 2 is not much different from the two “predecessor” versions, when owning a story so simple that it feels like the player is lost in a game of the “thousand and nine hundred back then”: The 4 main characters go in search of 4 elemental crystals to save the world from destruction.

Sound familiar?

But because it is so simple, it gives players time to focus on the combat system, as well as other little details, which are “plugged in” very cleverly. skillful in the game.

The team in Bravely Default 2 consists of 4 characters, “he is no-name-can-be”, former princess Gloria, the “clown princess” aristocrat Elvis and the funny mercenary Adelle.

Except for the protagonist who is stereotypical to the point of being a bit fuzzy, the rest of the three characters and the NPCs in the storyline are all well represented, through group conversations and main storylines.

In terms of gameplay, Bravely Default 2 brings the traditional values ​​of a classic J-RPG title as players will have to run back and forth many times in cities and catacombs – both for main / secondary missions. , both to explore secret treasure chests, and of course also to “level up”.

Cities and dungeons in Bravely Default 2 are designed quite interestingly with many layers interlaced perfectly, causing players to run back and forth many times but not too “fed up”.

minimalistic game / editing inherent inadequacies of the J-RPG series.

The boxes in the hidden corners, the secret doors behind the walls, or the events that trigger day and night … all evoke many beautiful memories of the golden era of J-RPG on the PlayStation X, with familiar names like Final Fantasy VIII or The Legend of Dragoon.

Bravely Default 2 Review

Similar to previous Bravely Default versions, Bravely Default 2 is also special in the way the game minimizes / corrects the inherent shortcomings of the J-RPG series.

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Bravely Default 2, for example, completely removes the “random encounter” mechanism, allowing enemies to appear on the map – hitting or not, actively initiating war or stealthing behind the back offers different advantages. , even an enemy that is too weak will automatically “squeeze the neck” to avoid the player … are very valuable improvements!

Bravely Default 2 Review


Talking about J-RPG is boring turn-based battles, in which players just press the button, watch the animation, and repeat a few million times.

Although not all J-RPGs are like that, but undeniably the “heavy plow” and “less dynamic” characteristics make J-RPG a bit difficult to absorb with today’s modern gamers.

Bravely Default 2 does not try to differ from this traditional gameplay (which many other games try to fail), instead, this game chooses to make the playing experience “less boring” than by bringing in many things that make players have to manipulate and think more.

For example, the Default mechanism (taking a stance reduces damage, pushes the next turn faster, and stores 1 Brave point) and Brave (uses Brave points to quickly add up to 3 consecutive actions). For the process of leveling and bossing becomes completely different, depending on how the player uses.

Because even without Default, the player can still use Brave 4 times, at the cost of losing the next 3 turns.

Bravely Default 2 Review

Therefore, Bravely Default 2 players have to think a lot about when to use Brave, when not.

This includes understanding the order of actions of our side and the enemy, how bosses behave (they can also Brave), the progress of the match and making reasonable decisions.

Similar to many other Square Enix games, in Bravely Default 2 players have quite a few career options for their characters.

Specifically, each time you kill a boss in the storyline, the player will obtain their Asterisk stone – which means “unlocking” a new career that has just been “demoed” by that boss.

Bravely Default 2 allows players to carry the skill set of two occupations at the same time – the main job will level up according to the amount of JP “plowed”, the minor job will not level up but still use the skills in it normally.

This game chooses to make the playing experience “less boring” by bringing in more things that make players have to manipulate and think.

Along with job-specific passives, as well as career-based equipment, Bravely Default 2 players have a multitude of ways to team up according to their preferences and levels of necessity in different stages of the game. game.

The boss fights in the game always possess a strange attraction, when their difficulty comes not from the extremely high index to the ridiculous level, but from the massive behavioral “warehouse”, each different.

The bosses in Bravely Default 2 represent a character who has trained to “max” a new career – something the player has absolutely no information about what it can do, comes with high stats and accessories like Counterattack, Brave is continuous, resists effects …

This forces the player to adapt very quickly to the game to come up with appropriate solutions, if you do not want to see a black screen with the words GAME OVER appearing frequently.

Bravely Default 2 Review


I don’t know since when, but the prejudice “Square Enix’s game must be beautiful” has existed in the minds of all gamers in the world as a default.

Indeed, one can criticize the character design “cheesy HKT style” or the colorful effect of Cai Luong a bit too much, but no one has criticized that the game Square Enix does not draw well.

Therefore, the graphics of Bravely Default 2 located in the “beautiful” level it is also quite normal.

Exiting the chibi character design frame “amputated” in previous versions, the new character ratio in game seems to be much more “stable” when they are still “chibi cheese sticks”, but Head-body-arm-leg area is enough to describe the character and charisma of the characters in different situations.

With the characteristic that each character will have a “suit” depending on his main profession, the “making porridge” so that 4 people working in the same profession still have both “uniform” and unique features, also a Extraordinary effort very commendable!

And this time, except the “Ha Dong silk dress” of Monk profession is a bit “reformed”, in general, professional costumes are designed very cool, very beautiful.

Bravely Default 2 does not have too many cities, but each place is very elaborately built, meticulously with short-cut streets, like looking at a miniature 3D table.

The flooded desert city of Savalon or the magic capital Wiswald, all of which make a very strong impression when players spend a long time with each place.

Bravely Default 2 Review

In terms of shaping and designing monsters, with Bravely Default 2, Square Enix has pushed everything to a new level.

There are no slime slime or magic armor “go anywhere, see”, “look bored forever”, the monsters in Bravely Default 2 have extremely beautiful, new and varied shapes.

From mages floating in ragged robes to entwined slime of flesh evokes strong references to H.P Lovecraft’s disgusting, fanciful world.

The monsters in Bravely Default 2 have a very beautiful, new and varied shape

The music in Bravely Default 2 is not too bad, but it is not really excellent to comment on sentences like “entering people’s hearts” or “masterpieces for life”.

They are there, very well suited to the setting, and don’t sound so boring – They are over!

However, the voice acting in both English and Japanese is also excellent and inspiring, highlighting the personality of each character, from the main to the roadside NPC.

Bravely Default 2 Review


Overall, in general, Bravely Default 2 looks like a pretty perfect picture, there are only minor shortcomings that must be “tucked” into the eyes to see carefully to realize.

And of course to make reviews more objective, the writer spontaneously put them together to make it easier to “complain”.

The first thing to mention is that the graphics quality is not uniform.

However, this is a general problem with the Nintendo Switch, not the fault of game.

When plugged into the charging dock and playing on a large TV screen, Bravely Default 2 has extremely stable graphics quality with smooth images, bright colors.

Bravely Default 2 Review

However, in handheld mode, the contrast in image quality becomes too strong and clear, because the “jagged” in the character model is too obvious and can not be hidden. floating.

Next, do not understand whether it is a “bug” or a “feature”, but some operations in Bravely Default 2 are rather awkward and “late”, for example, every time you click to open Party Chat, or switch from game to game. main menu / save game menu.

This is a very painful and primitive problem, because these “feathers” should not exist in a 59.99 Biden game right!

in handheld mode the contrast in image quality becomes too strong and clear

After all, it was a bit of a funny problem – that is, in matches, the character in Bravely Default 2 when he attacks, just stands still and attacks, rather than rushing into the enemy to kick his arm and leg ” dust bag ”.

Accompanying that is because the game gives the player the option to speed up four times faster than the combat activities, which leads to a lot when watching the characters but feel like… watching the comedy!

Although it is known that the act of moderating the animation is to make the “plow hoe” stitch less time-consuming, it still leaves a streak of “piggy” in the writer’s heart that is hard to ignore.

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